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Treasurer Information

Rene Kabakoff

  • The treasurer has a mailbox in the GVES Office. Please e-mail if you put something time-sensitive in the “Treasurer’s Mailbox.”

  • Please do not hold onto cash and checks. When you have money, please bring money to the office as soon as possible.

  • Our HSA is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt. You should not pay sales tax when making purchases for the HSA. If you need documentation, please let me know.


  • First, please review the file from last year’s committee to see how money was spent and what resources were needed.

  • Review the current HSA budget and confirm with the HSA President or your VP what money is available this year.

  • Please create – and be respectful – of a budget for your event. If you need help, please reach out to an HSA officer.


Click here for sample flyer language.

  • Please use this simple payment option when possible!

  • E-mail Malayna a copy of your registration form two weeks before sign-ups open. From there, we’ll work out the details!

  • When you use this option, remember to include clear directions for parents. Sample language is available above.


Click here for form.

Many activities require petty cash. If you’re not sure, please ask.

  • Please complete this form and send via e-mail to one week prior to the event. 

  • Petty cash MAY NOT be used to purchase items for an event or for reimbursements. This is critical for maintaining an accurate record of income and expenses.

  • With your petty cash, I will include a receipt, and a form for returning your deposit money.

  • Please do not hold onto cash. All money should be returned to Rene after every event.


Click here for form.

  • Please complete this form for all reimbursements or payments and send via e-mail to A scanned copy or a picture of the invoice must be attached.

  • For large events, submit expenses as they accrue.

  • Payments should be made directly to vendors whenever possible. Simply complete the “Expense Voucher” and attach the invoice before submitting to Rene.

  • If you must spend your own money, please use an “Expense Voucher” form to be reimbursed. Checks will be mailed directly to your home, usually directly from Bryn Mawr Trust.


Click here for form.

  • Please complete and print this form.

*** The only time you should turn in a paper form, is with money.

  • Please place the form and money in an envelope marked with the name of the event and hand to an office member to be locked in the school safe.

  • Money collected at an event or for a project is considered income.

  • Income MAY NOT be used as petty cash to fund purchases for an event. All income - cash and checks - must be deposited into the GVES HSA bank account.

  • As money is received, please make a detailed record (Last name, check number or cash amount) and include a printout in the event file.

  • Be sure checks are signed and made payable to GVES HSA.

  • Separate cash by denomination.

  • Ideally, when counting money two committee members should be present to verify the money received.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT leave money in the Treasurer’s Mailbox. All cash and checks must be locked in the school safe. Please NOTIFY RENE when money is ready to be picked up.

Copies of all forms are also available in the Treasurer’s Mailbox.

Thank you for volunteering! And please let me know if you have any questions. 


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